Nowadays there is enough proof to show, that dietary choices play an important role in shaping your health. With balanced diet you can boost your immune system as well as recover from serious illnesses, but I do believe that the main goal is to make informed decisions about your life and diet so that you could enjoy a long and full life. 

I have acquired higher education in different fields and it has helped me see the most important part of everyday life: people, their psychology, nutrition, and sports as well as nature, plants, and their nutritional value and how all these things are tied together. 

I believe that conscious choices and positive outlook in life are a basis for good health. As a nutritionist I can attest, that what we eat, where the food comes from and how it is prepared affects our daily wellbeing and health status today as well as in years to come. 

My love for clean, fresh, and healthy food has inspired me to create a production company in clean nature of Southern Estonian. Vitamin rich berries that we offer fresh and soon also packaged on a local market are grown there. I have the greatest respect for Thai food and I collaborate with healthy products producers from Thailand. This is my way of giving my best as a nutritionist to help people make better choices about their diet and live in a healthy community among people who value their health.