Sweeteners are ingredients in many well-known products and been used to give sweet taste without or with low calories. These are chemical substances which are in use in thousands of products and give an opportunity for producers to add the health claim: no sugar added!

We can find sweeteners in many products like:

  • Tabletop sweeteners
  • Mouthwash and toothpaste
  • Beverages (including soda, fruit juices, non-carbonated beverages and alcohol)
  • Dairy products, sweets and ice creams
  • Jam, jelly and marmalade
  • Cereals and more….

We consume a lot of this stuff every day and at the end of the day– we have no idea how it affects our body and health.

Do you know, how many different names are for sweeteners? Mainly in use are 6 different Low-calorie sweeteners:

Sweetener Names on labelSweeter than
Max intake mg/kg of body weight per day
Acesulfame – KINS950, Ace K, Acesulfame potassium, Acesulfame-K2000-15 mg/kg
AspartameINS9512000-40 mg/kg
CyclamateINS95230-400-11 mg/kg
SaccharinINS954300-5000-5 mg/kg
SucraloseINS955600-6500-15 mg/kg
Steviol glycosidesINS960200-3000-4 mg/kg (expressed as Steviol

From the table, you can find 6 main sweeteners. Also, how many times sweeter those are than sugar and information about the ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake).

Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) is defined as the amount of an approved food additive that can be consumed daily in the diet.

If the safe levels are known than we could just count the amount of intake and should be not a problem at all. But unfortunately, it’s not so easy because often the labels don’t show the amount but only mention that sweeteners are in.

cola cans

Let’s take an example like cola 0, which has instead of sugar the sweeteners (acesulfame K + sucralose). Label doesn’t show the % of sweeteners, so we even don’t know how much we get it from this drink. If to compare with original cola we see that there is 10% of sugar and no sweeteners. 

The results of researches about sweeteners are still controversial!

Some researches show it is safe, while others claim that it is harmful to your health and even causes:

  • weight gain
  • potential damage to your DNA and cause mutations that may lead to cancer
  • high daily intake of artificially sweetened drinks could cause pregnant women to give birth prematurely
  • disrupt blood sugar control and insulin secretion

As there are no strong evidence to approve one or another about the sweeteners than we need to take the risk at our own.

So actually, the best drink is water, natural fresh juice or green tea, but if you are cola lover and can’t quit so easily than prefer the one where ingredients are understandable.

Try to find a good alternative for the habit that you have. For quitting just take down the qty that you consume and then step by step switch it for a healthier alternative.


Sugar 10%

Natural color ins150d

Controlled acid substance ins338

Natural odor

Fat 0

Protien 0

Carnohydrate 34g

Sugar 34g

Sodium  20milligram


Everything is 0

Sodium 25mg

Controlled acid substance ins338,ins331ii

Sweetener -acesulfame potassium and shucalose

Natural odor and age prolonging substance ins211