Beautiful plant Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) is also known as red sorrel, Jamaican sorrel, sour-sour, and Florida cranberry.

In Thai, roselle is known as grà jíap. Kraceī́yb (กระเจี๊ยบ).

In Chinese, roselle is known as Luo Shen Hua (洛神花).

The young leaves and tender stems of Roselle are consumed raw as a green vegetable. The Roselle seeds are a good source of protein, fat and total sugars.

Roselle has long been used in many dishes, beverages and conventional remedy of diseases for centuries. A wonderful and rich source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Roselle is known to have a high concentration of antioxidants and Vitamin C.

1. Hair & Skincare

Roselle is considered helpful in maintaining the structure of the hair fibers to help prevent breakage and split ends. 

With the shampoo, we can boost the hair, however good these are but the real health of the hair is in hair root and can be treated by the nutrition we get from the food. 

Actually, our body function on the way that for hair and nails the nutrition will arrive the latest. If we don’t eat healthily than we don’t get enough nutrition and therefore hair and nails start to have different problems. 

2. Blood pressure 

Roselle as Hibiscus is a medicinal herb that has the potential to naturally lower blood pressure. One way to do it is to drink the Roselle tea. As Roselle is also full of vitamin C than please keep in mind that vitamin C will disappear when the temperature is over 90 degrees. So don’t put it in the boiling water. 

3.Relieve the sore throat 

Sore throat is a problem for a lot of people and can be caused by many reasons like dry air, chemicals, air pollution, bacteria and so on. 

This Roselle tea is often sipped to relieve sore throat, coughs and treat colds as well.

4. Prevent obesity

The plant act as an antioxidant and have been used in obesity management. It is reducing appetite and has a mild laxative effect to help in case of constipation. 

5. Healthy & delicious ingredient 

Roselle is often used to make a jam – it is similar in flavor to plum jam, although more acidic. But as usually than jam is full of white sugar so if you try to get the benefit of roselle than better uses it in tea, fruit salads or pie fillings. 

Additionally, to all benefits that Roselle have – it is also with a pleasant aroma that gives calming emotions.