An interesting gift that I got as an Asian nutritionist 🙂

These black eggs are Salted Eggs. I have salted soil paste coated duck eggs, which have been preserved for 2 weeks.  This is one way how to preserve eggs in a hot climate. 

First time I see these in my life, so as European I got really excited.  I started to ask around and read about it. 

As salted eggs are common here than I decided to look more into nutritious part of it. 

1-1,5 pcs of a traditional salted egg is times higher in sodium than we need per day. The body needs only a small amount of sodium (less than 500mg per day). These eggs are really salty for me but as with many cultures, then Thai’s is used with salty taste and therefore use these salted eggs in different receipts.

Try to find the balance in the food you eat during the day. If salted eggs are in the everyday menu than actually, you cannot eat any sodium more on that day.

There is also a method of doing less salty and low sodium salted eggs. These are coated with rice straw pulp which is prepared by boiling rice straw in an alkaline solution, dried and blended with sodium chloride and potassium chloride. Eggs are coated with the mixture, 25 days later the egg white contains less sodium ion content (944 mg/100 g of egg white) than the traditionally prepared preserved duck egg (1690mg/100g egg white). Interesting was that what I found out salted egg white becomes slightly richer in protein than the fresh ones. And also potassium and sodium are the major minerals in white of the cooked egg; whereas in the fresh yolk, the major minerals are calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.

There are two common ways of making salted eggs:

* coating method (salted soil paste) like mentioned and

* brining method

More common is to do it with the brining method.

To prepare the salty eggs is simple and can be done with chicken eggs as well : 

12 Raw eggs

500g Salt

4 Litres Water

Big glass jar

Boil the water and mix with salt, leave to cool. Put the cold brine and eggs into a jar (need to be covered with brine).

If the eggs are left too long in a salty brine that would be too salty to eat. Test the saltiness – just take one egg out and boil it to taste. 

Salted eggs don’t need refrigerated temperature as salt helps to preserve so don’t waste space in cool for that. Eggs can be used like usually, the difference is just in the taste as these are saltier 🙂