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About me

Nowadays there is enough proof to show, that dietary choices play an important role in shaping your health. With balanced diet you can boost your immune system as well as recover from serious illnesses, but I do believe that the main goal is to make informed decisions about your life and diet so that you could enjoy a long and full life. 

graduating Räpina School of Horticulture

I have acquired higher education in different fields and it has helped me see the most important part of everyday life: people, their psychology, nutrition, and sports as well as nature, plants, and their nutritional value and how all these things are tied together. 

I believe that conscious choices and positive outlook in life are a basis for good health. As a nutritionist I can attest, that what we eat, where the food comes from and how it is prepared affects our daily wellbeing and health status today as well as in years to come. 

My love for clean, fresh, and healthy food has inspired me to create a production company in clean nature of Southern Estonian. Vitamin rich berries that we offer fresh and soon also packaged on a local market are grown there. I have the greatest respect for Thai food and I collaborate with healthy products producers from Thailand. 

This is my way of giving my best as a nutritionist to help people make better choices about their diet and live in a healthy community among people who value their health. 

How did the food become to be Your passion? 

I loved to discover new tastes when I was young, but often there was nothing exciting to find from the stores or I did not have enough money to afford it. It was difficult to acquire food during Soviet era when I was young. You needed to put in a lot of work to get food, trading took place between farmers. Some people made cheese, others used their skills to make cottage cheese or kept pigs. Everyone did something to exchange one food for another – sausages for milk, bread for cheese and so on. As I loved trying different dishes myself, I ended up mixing food products to create new recipes. Sometimes the result was quite interesting and sometimes completely inedible but funJ. This started a tradition of so called restaurant nights at home when the whole family would cook and us, kids, were the chefs. Being involved in food making at home, at work as well as at leisure time I discovered that I feel most balanced when I can prepare the food myself and know all the ingredients. There is a huge selection in our supermarkets and often it is difficult to understand all the ingredients in a food or whether they have positive or negative effect on our organism. 

Why did you want to become a nutritionist?

Firstly, I wanted to become a nutritionist to help my own family cope with allergies, inflammations, food intolerances and other health problems we do not really sense every day, but that exist and weaken our organism. I also felt that I was slightly overweight, wished to reach my ideal weight and to understand why it was so difficult to maintain it. I have always been athletic and active, but it is not enough if my diet is not balanced. I tried different methods and information sources, googling, reading food magazines, joining Weight Watchers and so on. In the Weight Watchers group, I was successful because I wanted to show others that I can do it an off-course I could. The results only lasted till the group meetings ended J, soon I was back at my original weight. My body weight was only one of the reasons I wanted to become a health and nutrition counsellor. Having worked in food industry for a long time, I saw developments that are not always beneficial to the consumers. Many products in the stores are unhealthy and I was no longer able to understand all the ingredients in food products nor their purpose in our body. Cardiovascular diseases, overweight and diabetes have spread massively. Being part of this world, I want to understand it better and help reduce its effect to my loved ones and clients. 

What was the most interesting part of your studies?

My studies taught me a lot about myself and that there are a lot of food products that are not suitable for my organism, that I am allergic or intolerant to. The simplest way to find out about your allergies or food intolerances is to turn to a nutritionist who can guide you and recommend the right analyses. It is important to know that not all nutritionists do this and it’s always important to do some background research because you need advice on your most precious property – your health. 

Using my new knowledge on myself and my friends was fascinating J. I started to put what I learned into practice at once and I saw how diet can be changed into a meaningful part of your lifestyle while making only small changes in your everyday life. Being knowledgeable is the most important part and that is how I help my clients. Just giving advice on what and how my client should be eating is not important for me. Instead we should decide together which course of action is the best for the client to reach their goals. For my clients the meetings are more like training sessions rather than just consultations. 

Which topics from your studies to become a nutritionist help you in your everyday work with patients/clients?

Anatomy and physiology are bases for everything and I use this knowledge every day. Also, my knowledge on nutrition and how it relates to different health and digestive problems, different ages and during pregnancy as well as how to analyse and compose a menu, talking about food intolerance, allergy, and detoxification. 

What does your work day look like?

My workday depends on the client. Every person is unique, and their dietary needs depend on their lifestyle and habits. I can help them understand nutrition and how it affects their organism, how they would reach the goals they have set. 

Weight loss is not the only issue we deal with, in collaboration with other nutritionists and food therapists as well as laboratories, we help our clients with many questions. We consult on nutrition regardingillnesses, food intolerance and allergies, age and pregnancy. Together with counsellors we will make changes in the daily menu and lifestyle so that the client could live a full life not hindered by weight, illnesses, or other problems. 

You have academic degrees from different fields. What have you learned and how has it benefited you?

Learning has helped me find balance and openness as a person. It has made me a strong teacher and good counsellor to my clients. 

I have studied in different fields. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in applied psychology and it has helped me understand myself, my friends, and my clients. I have great empathy that has brought many people to me to help them. That gave me my first experiences as a counsellor in my youth. During my university years I grew rapidly, and it was clear that I am addicted to learning J. No matter how difficult my studies were, my hunger to know more kept growing. Soon I started my master’s studies mainly because I needed to run a food-related company that gave me my main income at the time. As I was now studying financial management and information technology I needed to take compulsory prerequisite subjects from bachelor’s level of those specialisations. Part of the master’s studies took place in Paris where I had internships in world leading large enterprises. I have also studied agriculture and it has helped us run our black current, raspberry, and strawberry plantation in Southern Estonia (See articles in newspapers Äripäev, Postimees). I wanted to become a farmer since I was 13 and went to work on strawberry fields. I never dared to dream that I would have my own plantation and production plant. It seems that I have made my secret childhood dream into reality J. 

I decided to study to become a nutritionist when I was pregnant. We have 2 kids growing in our family and both have spent most of their lives at school along with me J. Becoming a nutritionist was one of the biggest changes in my life and it opened my eyes to health and food world around us, making me see it’s darker side as well. 

In addition, I have participated on different courses in Estonia as well as other European countries. Most of the training has been related to nutrition and business, I have also given courses on the same subjects. I run seminars and work as a counsellorin European countries, Thailand, and Qatar. 

Why has Thailand won your heart? 

I love people of Thailand and the food. My life has been closely tied to countryside since I was a child and picked field and forest produce with my grandparents to prepare for the winter. In our climate with 4 seasons and big temperature fluctuations from -30°C to +35°C, we need to pick fresh produce in the summer and use our skills to preserve them, so we could enjoy them in the winter month. 

Knowing many people from Thailand personally I can say that food in Thailand is often plant based, there is little waste as whole plants are used up. I have greatest respect for people of Thailand, especially for my friends with whom I spend my time there. 

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